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Moss Monster Ltd has evolved from an industry of working at height in the commercial world of external cleaning and then applying this to the domestic scene to nurture and care for people’s property investments. Moss Monster has dedicated, conscientious individuals who have decades of experience in Health and Safety, Working at Height, technical application of various cleaning products and procedures. They are trained and certified in using equipment for safe but effective access to the roof.

We use 21st Century cleaning equipment such as the latest pressure washers on the harder less fragile surfaces so as to do the job expected and do it well.

We use steam cleaners on the more delicate and fragile surfaces. An example would be on roofs and stone Sills.

We use specialist cleaning products and choose the correct type to be used on different substrates from the ground up.

Surfaces we clean are

Block paving




Patio paving


Other types of render

Various types of roof tiles

We understand the pain and problems encountered in the home environment and know how important it is to have trust between client and contractor. That is why we are determined to give you a pleasant experience by reassuring you each step of the way through clear, informative knowledge in understanding the process of having your property cleaned.

Our aim and focus is to give 100% reassurance to our clients so that the results will be in accordance with best known practice and in so doing will speak volumes of contentment and satisfaction.

Our Services

Roof Cleaning

We at MOSS MONSTER smash the dirt and not the property. The offending concern is the organic growth which can become a health problem. So let us make the problem disappear and sanitise your property!

Gutter Cleaning

One of MOSS MONSTER’S favourite services is gutter cleaning. There is often so much debris and moss and sticks and roof tiles and dust and grass and even bushes growing in the gutters and downpipes. If MOSS MONSTER was a creature then it would certainly be filled.

Driveway Cleaning

MOSS MONSTER looks closely at the work in action. With driveway cleaning focus is a MUST. Often when the driveway is being cleaned, the dirty water covered areas that may have been missed. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!

Driveway Sealing

MOSS MONSTER research and apply best practices on advice and experience of tried and tested methods. You can be sure we want what is best for you and we will support you each step of the way through the process of cleaning and sealing your driveway.

Patio Cleaning

MOSS MONSTER loves clean, attractive properties and happy customers. That’s why we SMASH away the dirt so it disappears, leaving you a bright and beautiful surroundings.

Render Cleaning 

MOSS MONSTER has an enemy – Fungi, mould, mildew and algae. These insidious little monsters grow larger and larger if not kept at bay. We at MOSS MONSTER desire to SMASH these organic growths and kill their spores off.

Window Cleaning

Paint Removal From Brick 

Moss Monster Ltd accepts no liablity for any direct or indirect loss or damage from following advice on this website