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MOSS MONSTER SMASHES DIRT IN A NUMBER OF WAYS – From traditional window cleaning using detergent to de-ionised purified water with long reach carbon fibre poles and non-scratch brushes.

Don’t get agitated by the dirt on your windows. Get MOSS MONSTER to agitate the dirt off your windows!

For a ‘pain’ free window clean, we will clean your windows in a way that will make you happy. How?

Arrive ‘on time’. We will inform you the day we will be coming and be there.

Conscientiously monitor the home surrounding to make sure not to cause accidents with the use of the poles we use to reach your windows.

Set up an easy payment scheme. This will take away the worry of remembering to pay on time. This makes for a happy customer and a happy window cleaner.

Keep you Informed. We will inform you of the next due date and of additional services we provide in case you are unaware or if you need quick and efficient support.

Our window cleaning cleans in such a way that the glass looks as though it is no longer there. Hence we can say – ‘Pane free’ cleaning. smile

We have been window cleaning since 1987; that is over 30 years. We remember how customers would talk about using vinegar and newspaper on the domestic properties whilst in the commercial window cleaning world for many years it was a ‘shammy leather’. Then came the invention of the ‘mop and blade’ or the applicator and squeegee. Now it seems that this is becoming obsolete with window cleaners using cold and hot water de-ionised (pure water) carbon pole systems.

In our many years of experience, we have cleaned 100’s of 1000’s of windows and 1000’s of properties; from bungalows and houses to schools and multi-storey office blocks.

You can be sure that we will provide high quality, safe and economical method of commercial window cleaning.

To accomplish this we use a variety of methods & technologies to do our Window Cleaning.

Methods such as:

*Cradle Access, Water Fed Poles (Reach and Wash Systems), *Rope Access, and MEWPS (mobile elevated working platforms).

*These more specialised services we now work with a vetted respectable company who has vast amount of experience and would be happy to supply ALL Health & safety accreditations and particulars.

Water-fed Poles also provide effective and safe cleaning to avoid risks whilst working at height.

Access Platform (MEWPS) Window Cleaning work can also be carried out, using platforms ranging from compact access platform machines which will fit through a single doorway reaching heights from 45 feet, to large hydraulic truck mounts reaching in excess of 120 feet.

Our water treatment system produces 100% pure water. De-mineralised water tries to return to its natural impure state by actively absorbing all dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. This means that the water MOSS MONSTER use for window cleaning can dry to a perfect finish, with no visible mineral marks.

Forms of Window Cleaning Access we Offer:


 Traditional W/C

 Rope Access

 Water-fed Poles


“Applying best techniques in this industry”

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