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Well, first of all, I just want to say thanks to everyone who looks at our website and puts trust in us as a respectable, professional company.

My name is Eddie Perks. I am the Managing Director of Moss Monster Ltd. Since 1994, I grew a successful company – PWC (UK) Ltd.

This predominately focused on commercial exterior cleaning and awkward access buildings at great heights. We specialised in working at height and helping customers overcome complex access issues as well as positively time and again accomplishing excellent results. Maybe if we meet then ask me more about previous jobs and I will be happy to share with you how these jobs were completed successfully.

Now moving from commercial buildings (which require a lot of Health and Safety) to domestic properties where the focus is on caring for someone’s home and making sure no damage occurs and be mindful of minimal disruption in the process of cleaning. We aim to produce results that both the customer values and the contractor can feel a personal sense of accomplishment.

We are constantly looking at ways to better ourselves through study and training, researching the latest chemicals and flooring products and new initiatives.

Our Services

Roof Cleaning

We at MOSS MONSTER smash the dirt and not the property. The offending concern is the organic growth which can become a health problem. So let us make the problem disappear and sanitise your property!

Gutter Cleaning

One of MOSS MONSTER’S favourite services is gutter cleaning. There is often so much debris and moss and sticks and roof tiles and dust and grass and even bushes growing in the gutters and downpipes. If MOSS MONSTER was a creature then it would certainly be filled.

Driveway Cleaning

MOSS MONSTER looks closely at the work in action. With driveway cleaning focus is a MUST. Often when the driveway is being cleaned, the dirty water covered areas that may have been missed. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION!

Driveway Sealing

MOSS MONSTER research and apply best practices on advice and experience of tried and tested methods. You can be sure we want what is best for you and we will support you each step of the way through the process of cleaning and sealing your driveway.

Patio Cleaning

MOSS MONSTER loves clean, attractive properties and happy customers. That’s why we SMASH away the dirt so it disappears, leaving you a bright and beautiful surroundings.

Render Cleaning 

MOSS MONSTER has an enemy – Fungi, mould, mildew and algae. These insidious little monsters grow larger and larger if not kept at bay. We at MOSS MONSTER desire to SMASH these organic growths and kill their spores off.

Window Cleaning

As well as looking out for your big cleaning needs, we also offer regualr maintentance and window cleaning. Discounts to regular customers. 

Roof Repairs

Keeping a roof well maintained can go a long way in preserving the integrity of the building whilst also keeping bigger monster bills at bay!

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