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About Moss Monster




Hey there!

First off, a big thank you to everyone who visits our website and trusts us as a professional and reputable company.

I’m Eddie Perks, the Managing Director of Moss Monster Ltd. Since 1994, I’ve been building successful companies, including PWC (UK) Ltd.


We originally specialised in commercial exterior cleaning and tackling tricky, high-up buildings. We’re experienced at working at heights and solving complex access problems, consistently delivering excellent results. If we get a chance to chat, feel free to ask me about some of our past projects—I’d love to share our success stories with you.

Now, we’ve expanded from commercial buildings, which come with lots of health and safety considerations, to domestic properties. Our focus is on taking care of your home, ensuring there’s no damage, and keeping disruptions to a minimum while we clean. We aim to deliver results that you’ll love and that our team can take pride in.

We’re always striving to improve through ongoing study and training, researching the latest chemicals, flooring products, and new initiatives.

Looking forward to the possibility of working together and achieving great results for your property!

Our Services

Roof Cleaning

Here at Moss Monster, we're all about tackling the grime without harming your property. Our main target? That pesky organic growth that can cause health issues. Let us work our magic and zap away the problem, leaving your property sanitized and sparkling clean!

Gutter Cleaning

At Moss Monster, one of our top picks is gutter cleaning. Those gutters can get pretty clogged up with all sorts of stuff – moss, sticks, roof tiles, you name it! If Moss Monster were a creature, it'd definitely be stuffed to the brim.

Driveway Cleaning

At Moss Monster, we keep a close eye on the job as it unfolds. When it comes to driveway cleaning, we're all about staying focused. That's why we're all about paying attention to every detail!

Driveway Sealing

At Moss Monster, we're all about finding and using the best methods out there. We've done our homework and learned from what works best. We're here to make sure you get the best results possible!

Patio Cleaning

At Moss Monster, we're all about clean, beautiful properties and happy customers. That's why we go all out to banish dirt, leaving you with bright and beautiful surroundings. Say goodbye to grime and hello to a fresh new look!

Render Cleaning 

At Moss Monster, we've got a nemesis – fungi, mold, mildew, and algae. These sneaky little troublemakers can really take over if left unchecked. Let us tackle them head-on and restore your peace of mind!

Window Cleaning

Besides taking care of your major cleaning tasks, we also offer regular maintenance and window cleaning services. 

Roof Repairs

Taking good care of your roof can make a big difference in keeping your building strong and sturdy, while also preventing those scary big bills from creeping up on you!

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